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Civil Engineer IT

Job Description

Perform detailed civil engineering duties to support project managers in planning, permitting, and design of commercial and/or residential development.

Job Functions

  • Utilize AutoCAD Civil 3D to modify construction plans and pull quantities.
  • Create and finalize designs of water, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer systems using local criteria and common engineering design equations.
  • Provide technical guidance to industry or managerial personnel regarding design, construction, or program modifications.
  • Coordinate schedules with contractors, construction managers, and the survey department to provide solutions for any issues that might arise through the course of construction.
  • Prepare and present due diligence/feasibility reports on properties of interest.
  • Prepare and deliver bid documents, contract documents, cost estimates, and various project proposals to city engineers and clients.
  • Attend meetings with city staff, clients, architects, and contractors.
  • Manage multiple project assignments with various deadlines.

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.
  • Engineer-In-Training (EIT) Certification.
  • Minimum 3 year of civil engineering experience in land development or civil engineering internship.

Character Traits

  • Learning and Adaptive – In a growing business with a big mission our engineers must have an appetite for learning and skill improvement.
  • Grit, Determination, and Resourcefulness – This person will have to be resourceful in figuring things out, resist being overwhelmed, and be willing to roll up their sleeves until they make it work. Whether looping in other people, finding tools online, or seeking out best practices, this person will have to have an open mind and good resolve. Creative problem solver.
  • Organizational Skills – It will require a capacity for seeing patterns, discerning better processes, and prioritizing and systemizing for improved outcomes.
  • Chemistry Fit – This is a fun and productive culture. We laugh, we work hard, we press hard, we jump in to figure things out. Fitting into the team chemistry is essential!
  • High Character – We operate with a high trust culture. Integrity, honesty, compassion, reconciliation, and diligence are all qualities this person must possess to flourish here.
  • Energy and Enthusiasm – This person must bring joy and passion for work to the job. It is essential to spur one another on in their work, be self-motivated to see the positive, and encourage others on the mission.
  • Multitasking– This is not a steady state or static environment. Workflow will cycle and interruptions are normal, so this person must be able to juggle and adjust on the fly.
  • Project Management – While multitasking, this person must be able to keep an eye on deadlines and critical dependencies and either work to preserve them or bring people in before things are missed.

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